IG the Company

The Company

Founded in 1958, IG Lintels is a division of the UK’s largest manufacturer of steel lintels and masonry support systems. The major activity of IG Lintels is the design, development, manufacture and supply of standard and custom made steel lintels. IG’s extended range of building components includes Brick Slip Feature Lintels, Steel Support Systems, Windposts and Cavity Trays.

The company operates from four major depots. The headquarters and place of our origin, remains in Cwmbran in South Wales. IG has large manufacturing facilities in Swadlincote in South Derbyshire and Cookstown in Northern Ireland.

IG invented the original open back lintel in 1967, which has now become the industry standard. Our lintels are engineered to be the most structurally and thermally efficient lintels available. They are widely specified and used throughout Europe on commercial, industrial, residential and institutional projects.

Mission Statement

Creating smart construction solutions beyond equal.

IG Core Values

IG Core Values

IG is committed to core values that were embodied by its founders and remain the cornerstone of the corporate philosophy.


We empower and challenge each other to think differently, embrace creativity and develop products, services, and processes that are smarter than anything else in the market.


We love what we do and we love sharing the passion we have for the IG community. When we have fun at work, we are more productive, engaged and motivated to succeed. A business that has fun together, wins together!


We have a relentless focus on excellence in quality for every process in our business. We support each other to deliver solutions and services that are world class and add value to our customers.

Technical Expertise

At IG we never stop learning. Our specialist teams are on hand to provide the most cost effective solutions for the most complex requirements.


Results matter. We go the extra mile and are committed to engaging with our customers, employees and communities every day to ensure we exceed expectations.