Technical Services

Our experienced engineers will provide lintel solutions for all your structural requirements. We provide a technical helpline for immediate answers to your lintel queries.

Tel: 01633 486449


  • Rapid response technical advisory service
  • Value engineered designs
  • Always the optimum solution
  • Personal consultation as standard
  • Structural calculations provided
  • IT user friendly, electronic data transfer
  • Free on-site consultation


Free Scheduling Service

Our FAST TEAM is at your service;

Fast Accurate Scheduling Technical TEAM

Custom Made Lintel Design Service

IG supports Architects and designers to push back the boundaries of what is possible in “special” lintel design. To help make the design vision a reality, simply call our technical team with details of your requirements or alternatively, ask for an IG Engineer to visit your site or office.

We relish the opportunity to liaise with industry professionals on building projects, regardless of size.

  • Engineering Experts designing bespoke lintel solutions.
  • Working with Architects and Designers on creative designs.
  • Infinite range of unique lintel support systems.

Technical Services

IG’s full product range is available online with in-depth technical information and AutoCAD drawings. IG’s website is the definitive guide for Steel Lintels.

Utilize IG’s fast efficient email facility for schedule and design requests. Email your CAD drawings to:

Available for download

  • Brochures, Manuals and Product Information
  • Fast Track CAD Logo
  • Technical Information and product Installation guide
  • Special Lentils drawings



IG Lintels is the first and only Steel Lintel manufacturer to offer RIBA-accredited CPD online.

“Steel Lintels – The Definitive Guide” aims to give the architect a comprehensive view of the manufacture, selection, supply and versatility of Steel Lintels.

“… an online CPD that engages the user with information and excellent diagrams. One of the best I’ve seen! IG has definitely set the standard for online RIBA accredited seminars.”Minesh Patel (CPD Marketing, RIBA)

For more information or to arrange a CPD presentation at your practice, call marketing at:

IG Marketing Hotline

Tel: 01633 486486

IG’s E-Learning

IG offer “E-LEARNING” for all customers and builder merchants. E-learning provides product information regarding manufacture, delivery and performance of our steel lintel range.

This BMF & NMBS approved learning tool is accessed via online academies. The training is delivered with the aim of providing a flexible learning resource to merchant employees.

IG’s interactive online modules can be accessed at any time from a number of host websites. IG’s e-learning technology is both time and cost effective for industry professionals, this brings value to the training programme whilst imparting knowledge that can be transferred to all members of the team.