Segmental Arch

IG’s Segmental Brick Feature Lintels comprises of a standard L1 profile lintel with a steel box frame on the outer flange. The lintel is insulated in the cavity and spans from inner to outer leaf. This design can incorporate 1 brick, 1½ brick or a 2 brick soldier course.

Segmental Arch Brick Slip Feature Lintels

Isometric view showing IG’s Segmental Brick Feature Lintel.

Segmental Arch Lintel

Front Elevation notes the essential measurements required to specify the Segmental Brick Feature Lintels.

Isometric view showing the underside of IG’s Segmental Brick Feature Steel Lintels. This illustrates how the brick returns under the soffit of the lintel to ensure no steelwork is visible on the outer leaf.

Segmental Arch Steel Lintels



IG’s Brick Feature Lintels are a one piece pre-fabricated unit that comprises of cut brick fixed to an IG steel lintel.
Please note that when the Brick Feature Steel Lintels are received on site the brick is already fixed to the lintel.