Signature Projects


IG Lintels translates design into reality. This section introduces the world of IG ‘Signature Projects’; real projects developed using IG products. Architects want to leave their signature on a building; with IG Lintels everything is possible.

The Technical Team at IG push back the boundaries in Steel Lintel design, providing custom-made steel lintels with short lead-times. The Signature Projects are identified for their stand out potential, illustrating bespoke and highly personalised lintel solutions to architects, builders, merchants and end-users.

Creating Inspirational Buildings

Where something bespoke is required, whether to provide a building feature, or to carry an unusual loading condition, an IG special lintel can be specified, designed and manufactured to suit your exact requirements. Special Lintels are designed and manufactured individually, according to the requirements of the project.

IG engineers work closely with architects and specifiers to provide the peace of mind that the design required is sure to become a reality. Our dedicated team of engineers assess loadings and design structural lintels tailor-made to the requirements and constraints of the individual project, applying the most cost effective solutions available.

From Semi-Circular lintels, Parabolic, Segmental or Gothic Arches to Bows and Bays, Corners to a full sun-lounge lintel, IG’s team of engineers will design and manufacture to your requirements.

Custom Made Lintel Design Service

IG Lintels. Better by Design

IG engineers help to make the vision of every architect become a reality. If you wish to benefit from this service for your project simply call our office to speak with one of our creative Engineers with details of your project. Alternatively you can request a site visit. We relish the opportunity to liaise with industry professionals on building projects, regardless of size.

  • Engineering Experts designing bespoke steel lintel solutions
  • Working with Architects on creative designs
  • An infinite range of unique masonry support systems