Angled Apex Frame

Angled Apex Frame

Angled Apex Frame

Architect: Hamilton Architects


IG Lintels Engineer: Kyle Alexander

Hamilton Architects wanted to create some breath taking features for the family home. This included two feature windows that lean into the sunrise to help fill the owner’s home with colour and light.

The architect liaised with IG engineer Kyle Alexander who had to take precise measurements onsite to create two very different but equally stunning Angled Apex Frames.

The Angled Apex Frame measured 4.8 metres high and 4 metres wide and included fully insulated 180mm box sections. The frames had to be delivered to site in two sections; these were bolted onsite via pre-drilled access holes.

The home owner wanted to create a feature of not only the lintels used but also on the finishes, deciding on a natural stone finish for the outside of the house. Due to the stone finish, IG Lintels had to include welded gusset plates to carry the stonework on the outer leaf and to resist against sliding.