Lintel Evolution

IG is proud to be at the forefront of lintel design and manufacture.

  • 1958IG develops the UK’s first steel lintel.
  • 1965IG bridges the cavity wall gap with an innovative lintel profile – a major step in modern lintel design.
  • 1967IG’s historic “top-hat” design becomes the standard profile for all lintel manufacturers today.
  • 1975IG develops the first weld free lintel
  • 1985IG produces the first fully insulated steel lintel.
  • 1991IG invests in Continuous Roll-Form manufacturing lines to supply the high demand for IG Lintels.
  • 2006IG introduces a new concept in steel lintels with its patented Thermal Break Plate.
  • 2010IG’s parent company becomes the first steel lintel manufacturer to achieve the coveted

    Environmental Standard ISO 14001

  • 2011IG Launch the new Hi-therm Lintel a combination of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

    and steel with a ground breaking Psi value of 0.05 W/m.K.