Masonry Support

IG Masonry Support offer a range of systems suitable for supporting any outer leaf material: brickwork, fairface blockwork, rendered blockwork, cut and reconstituted stone. The systems can be fixed back to reinforced concrete cast-in channel and steel sections.

For a full range of specialist shelf angle masonry support systems, please visit IG Masonry Support.

Brick Slip Soffit Solutions

By combining our Titan angle masonry support system with bespoke steel components we produce single and double sided soffit systems which are ideal for runs of any length. This versatile approach can adapt to suit the particular building frame and in each case Titan offers a highly practical solution on site. Soffit solutions utilise BD13 bricks with a faced base.

Masonry Support Brick Slip Soffit

Liberty House, Dublin

“Duggan Brothers relied on IG’s expertise throughout the construction of the project. IG provided full structural support without comprimising on the aesthetic detailing of the soffits. Our client was delighted with the end result.“ Read more

Laurieston, Glasgow

“The technical expertise offered by IG has been second to none and allowed us to find a bespoke product which is lightweight and can be installed just as a traditional masonry support system.“ Read more

North London Project

“Every detail on this project needed to be impeccable; that’s why we engaged with IG Masonry Support for their brick soffit solutions.“ Read more