Steel Lintel Products | IG Lintels – Standard & special lintels & wind posts


The Original is now even better. The award winning Hi-therm+ Lintel has been upgraded to offer even greater practicality to builders. IG has invested heavily in Research and Development to re-engineer the Hi-therm+ Lintel utilising our industry leading top hat design creating a low cost solution for reduced carbon emissions.


Keyfix is setting new standards in the delivery of non-combustible (NC) cavity systems for projects requiring Document B compliance in buildings over 18m high utilising steel frame systems in the external cavity.

Hi-therm+ Lintels

The Hi-therm+ lintel is up to 5 times more thermally efficient than a standard steel lintel, offering a cost effective solution to reduced carbon emissions.

Steel Lintels

IG produces a range of standard galvanised steel lintels. All IG standard lintels satisfy the Thermal Performance requirements of all UK building regulations.

Stainless Steel Lintels

IG’s full range of lintels are also available in stainless steel, providing the same high quality and performance features as our standard galvanised lintels.

Special Steel Lintels

IG offers a complete custom design service to ensure your project has the best lintel for the job.

Sun Lounge Lintels

It is universally recognised amongst home owners and house builders that a Sun Lounge is a more practical, user friendly room than a conservatory.

Masonry Support

IG Masonry Support has combined experience with innovation to provide the most practical and advanced range of Masonry Support products on the market.

Brick Slip Feature Lintels

Brick Slip Feature Lintels are a one piece, prefabricated unit with factory applied brick slips. Units are manufactured bespoke to order and can achieve challenging architectural designs.


IG Windposts span vertically between floors to provide additional lateral support for large panels of brickwork or large panels with openings. IG manufactures three types of windposts.

Cavity Trays

The IG Cavity Tray presents a lightweight, simple to install and long-lasting solution to preventing dampness from penetrating below the roof line.