Product Overview | Steel, Special & Brick Slip Feature Lintels | IG Lintels

Product Overview

IG now produce more than just steel lintels. Our range of specialist products is designed to meet the needs of even the most complex project.

Standard Lintels

IG has a range of over 800 lintel types, varying from cavity wall lintels, single leaf, solid wall, timber frame and now the new Hi-Therm lintel. IG has developed a comprehensive range to suit your construction type. Designing lintels to suit varying cavity widths and wall thickness has given our customers endless options to choose from. Whether you have a 50mm cavity or 200mm cavity, a 140mm wide inner leaf or a 215mm wide outer leaf, IG has the lintel to suit. Learn More

Stainless Steel Lintels

IG’s full range of standard and special lintels is available in Stainless Steel. Our technical team recommend Stainless Steel is used in higher corrosion risk and sterile specific environments. Learn More

Brick Slip Feature lintels

The IG Brick Slip Feature lintel is a one piece pre-fabricated unit which provides developers and builders with a valuable time saving solution that reduces wastage on site. The single piece system incorporates precision cut bricks, fixed to our load bearing lintel. This allows the developer to place a brick faced steel lintel directly into position with no steelwork visible on the outer leaf. Learn More

Special Lintels

Regarded as the best engineers in the lintel industry, IG’s technical team have developed a comprehensive special lintel range for all your custom made designs. Corner lintels, Apex lintels, Circular Bays, and Arches are some of the unique lintel solutions IG offer for masonry support. IG has created a unique facility within the lintel industry to design, manufacture and delivery structural support systems. View our “Signature Projects” section for examples of creative intel solutions. Learn More

Masonry Support & Windpost Systems

IG Windposts span vertically between floors to provide lateral support for large panels of brickwork or large panels with openings. Designed specific to each application, IG Windposts are supplied complete with Top and Base connections. Learn More

Cavity Trays

IG Cavity Trays offer the specifier and builder the flexibility to cover a wide range of roof pitches and cavity widths. IG’s single element cavity tray systems provide a lightweight and long-lasting solution to prevent dampness and rainwater from penetrating below the roof line. IG Cavity Trays are pre-creased, to be easily hand-folded on-site, enabling a fast % simple installation. They are available in 3 sizes & supplied in flat packs. Learn More