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Thermally Efficient: The proven solution to Part L

The Building Regulations Part L

Building Regulations Part L sets the minimum standards for energy performance of new and existing buildings. In the latest changes to Part L, a mandatory (FEES) Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard has been introduced in addition to the original (TER) Target Emission Rate which measures CO².

Part L Challenge

The FEES target puts focus on the thermal performance of the building fabric i.e. walls, floors, roofs and the materials / components that make these elements up. Lintels are in most cases the most significant thermal bridge, meaning lintels can have an important impact on the overall thermal performance of a building.

Psi Value: 0.03-0.06

  1. Insulation: Pre-fitted expanded polystyrene insulation enhances the thermal performance of the lintel.
  2. Polymer Thermal Insulator: Rigid polymer thermal insulator acts as an effective thermal break.
  3. Galvanised Steel: Galvanised steel inner & outer leaf.