In response to the transition of the industry to 3D digital modelling, IG Lintels has launched a comprehensive BIM object library.

With the Government now firmly behind BIM and a commitment for all government bodies to be using BIM by 2016, the demand for BIM or 3D and 5D components will dramatically increase. The initial estimated savings to UK construction and relating clients is £2bn PA through the widespread adoption of BIM and is a significant tool for the Government to reach its target of 15-20% savings on the costs of capital projects by 2015 (HM Government, Building Information Modelling).

Adopting BIM involves much more than simply changing the software used. To fully benefit from BIM, the architecture, engineering and construction industries must learn to work collaboratively in fundamentally new ways. It is a whole new paradigm.

What does IG offer?

IG Lintels now offers all standard lintel profiles in Revit format. We are aware that BIM offers enormous gain and time saving as changes and amendments to the design are automatically altered and accounted for in quantities without lengthy calculations. Our BIM objects also embed key product and asset data and a 3D model that can be used for management of information throughout the entire project life cycle – from first concept through to operation.

2D AutoCAD drawings will continue to be available for the foreseeable future and, in the case of bespoke steel lintels, BIM models are available on request to ensure that we can fully assist design teams, engineers and architects with their requirements. Derrick McFarland, IG Lintels Managing Director, says:

“At IG, we believe that our role within the design process is vital. Advances in technology mean that the industry is changing rapidly and, as the market leader for steel lintels, we are always working on innovative ways to improve our services for our clients. Structured and relevant product data embedded within our BIM objects can be used to allow our clients to make decisions with the greatest of precision.”

BIM objects are available to download directly from our website here. For further information on BIM, BIM technologies and 3D modelling, please contact our technical team on 01283 200150.