Abbeyfields | IG Lintels


Residential Development: Abbeyfields
Products used: Hi-therm+ Lintels
Contractor: Anwyl Homes

Quality, size and location matter to Anwyl Homes for all current and future developments. Their latest project Abbeyfields is situated in the historic market town of Sandbach surrounded by the Cheshire countryside. Anwyl Homes specified IG’s award winning Hi-therm+ lintels across 151 plots.


In compliance with Building Regulations Part L, the group required a cost effective and innovative solution to lower carbon emissions within SAP without comprising on the building fabric quality. Having considered a number of options such as PV panels and triple glazing, Anwyl Homes discovered switching from standard steel lintels to Hi-therm+ lintels enabled them to meet their SAP rating without the use of costly bolt-ons.


IG’s BBA approved Hi-therm+ lintels presented Anwyl Homes with a fabric first approach to improve the energy performance of each plot across the development. IG’s unique patented top hat design added maximum benefit at non-repeating wall junctions. The polymer insulator acted as an effective thermal break reducing heat loss at window and door openings. Anwyl Homes achieved lower psi values and lowered carbon emissions within SAP, whilst avoiding costly bolt-on alternatives such as PV panels and triple glazing.

Hi-therm+ lintels are installed in exactly the same way as IG’s standard lintels offering great buildability through a one-piece design, accommodating various load bearings and width requirements. In Anwyl Homes continuous endeavors to continue to maintain build quality, in 2016 the group took an effective decision to use Hi-therm+ lintels for all future developments.


“Anwyl Homes are an expanding house building company who took the decision to switch to the Hi-therm+ lintel in an effort to reduce the cold bridging effect and improve our thermal rating. We have been able to avoid the use of PV panels and triple glazing in our properties to achieve current building regulations. This made the decision to switch easier after we had received several years of consistent high-quality supply of traditional steel IG lintels, we knew the high standards and quality would be maintained in the Hi-therm+ lintel.”

Andrew Brogden

Group Procurement Manager at Anwyl Homes