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Market Reach

Residential Development: Market Reach
Products used: Square Bay & Hi-therm+ Lintels
Contractor: Mulberry Developments

Mulberry Homes philosophy is to create beautiful homes built with personality and charm, giving each property a strong character and identity. The Market Reach development in the market town of Potton, consists of eighty-five luxurious three, four and five bedroom homes where a combination of IG’s bespoke square bay lintels and award winning Hi-therm+ lintels feature across a range of plots.


Mulberry Homes wanted to build in a way that considered the environment, taking into account the most sustainable options for the building fabric, without compromising on the interior and exterior build quality to achieve Part L SAP calculations.


IG’s technical team designed bespoke heavy-duty square bay lintels that increased the surface area of the ground floor wall allowing natural light to enter the homes. The square bays 4390mm span and the perpendicular returns added a window opening with three facets creating a large and more spacious illuminated internal living space with a unique external appearance to the properties.

IG’s BBA approved Hi-therm+ lintels provided a low-cost solution for to improve energy efficiency within SAP. Hi-therm+ lintels were installed at window and door junctions accommodating different lengths throughout the building envelope to reduce heat loss in key problematic areas. The fabric first approach helped Mulberry homes to lower carbon emissions and minimise running costs for the homeowner. Furthermore, ongoing maintenance repairs and improvement upgrades are not required with Hi-therm+ lintels unlike other costly bolt on renewable technologies.


“At Market Reach, IG’s Hi-therm+ lintels were used for reducing carbon emissions and running costs for homeowners by improving the energy performance of our newly built homes”

Shaun Aran

Senior Technical Manager at Mulberry Homes