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Park Central

Residential Development: Park Central
Products used: Bow Lintels
Architect: Glenn Howells Architects
Contractor: Crest Nicholson

Crest Nicholson’s multi award-winning Park Central regeneration scheme is a fifteen-year project delivered in partnership with Birmingham City Council and Optima Community Association. Awarded ‘The Placemaking Award’ at the National Property Week Awards and recognised for regenerating the Lee Bank area in Birmingham, the scheme has created 1300 new homes promoting desirable city living. The project required IG’s special bow lintels for the final phase of 355 apartments to achieve the curvature of the façade whilst accommodating large span balcony openings and unusual loading conditions.


Glenn Howells Architect’s creative design composed of intricate brick detailing throughout the curved façade. The combination and variation of multiple bond patterns presented unusual loading conditions. A three-course stacked soldier bond pattern above window openings significantly reduced distribution of load through adjacent masonry. The heavy concentrated load carried down the brick piers and through the stacked masonry onto the central point on the lintel. IG’s experienced technical experts attended design meetings to find a viable special lintel solution for each application without disrupting the integrity and design of the architects vision.


IG’s technical team designed bespoke special bow lintels to accommodate opening spans up to 4284mm and allowed for a 650mm end bearing for typical sizes to counter the cantilevered effect of the curved openings. In order to further improve the load bearing, IG designed brackets that secured into a pre-cast channel maximising structural strength at the central point of the lintel. The centrally located brackets bolted through the back of the lintel and accommodated the concentrated loads and eliminated the need to prop lintels during construction. IG provided comprehensive technical support throughout every stage of construction process for the most effective structural design solution.


“The development has been a resounding success in transforming and rejuvenating the Lee Bank area in Birmingham. IG’s technical team were responsive and receptive to all urgent requirements throughout every stage of the construction process. An outstanding technical service that we have come to expect from IG.”

Crest Nicholson