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Premier Inn, Farnham

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Premier Inn, Farnham
Brick Feature Corbelled Arch Lintel
Hollington Architects
Gilbert Ash

Premier Inn is one of the largest hotel chains in the UK, having recently expanded in the South East with a new 60 bedroom hotel in Farnham, Surrey. The project required a large span Corbelled Brick Segmental Arch detail over the entrance. IG’s technical team visited the site and designed a bespoke prefabricated solution.


The main challenges were the sheer scale of the arch and the speed of construction required for this fast build programme. To create the arch on site would require specialist skilled labour as well as brick cutting on site. This would also create health and safety issues associated with working at height.


IG’s design team developed a bespoke 6.2m span Brick Feature Arch. IG received a consignment of the brick being used onsite to ensure seamless integration with the rest of the exterior brickwork. The bricks were cut into slips and bonded to the structural steel lintel using a BBA approved construction adhesive. This offsite technology ensures quality control as the process is not subject to adverse weather conditions.

The Brick Feature Corbelled Arch was delivered as a one piece unit and lifted into place using a crane, which reduced the need for working at heights, facilitating a safer build programme. Installation was quick and easy, saving the contractor significant time onsite and the need for specialist trades. The finished arch blends seamlessly with the rest of the brickwork and creates a distinct feature above the hotel entrance.