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St Petersfield’s

Residential Development: St Petersfield’s
Products used: Splayed Bay Lintels & Brick Slip Flat Gauge Arch Lintels
House Builder: Create Homes

In the centre of Inskip village, Create Homes St Petersfield’s Phase 2 development is surrounded by the peaceful and quiet picturesque open countryside. IG’s splayed bay and brick slip flat gauge arch lintels feature across eleven house types. The bespoke splayed bay lintel design provides a focal point to each living room setting, specifically characterised by the open space and panoramic views achieved, whilst the bespoke brick slip flat gauge arch lintels add character above exterior window openings associated with Georgian and Victorian design.


The regional housebuilder believes in style and substance – paying close attention equally to large and smaller details. Six house types required different sized IG splayed bay lintels ranging between 1555mm to 1903mm spans, and eleven house types required IG brick slip flat gauge arch lintels ranging between 460mm to 3385mm spans to meet both interior and exterior design details.


IG’s technical team supplied production drawings based on Create Homes house type design requirements. Seventy-two brick slip flat gauge arch lintels were specified for ground and first floor window openings with a 75-degree end skew, 215mm brick height and 103mm soffit return. The brick slip feature lintels provide both structural support and a decorative finish across wider window spans compared to other solutions such as stone.

IG’s production team arranged the quantity of bricks to be collected from site, which were cut offsite and bonded to each heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty load bearing lintel using IGs patented system which creates a mechanical lock in addition to the chemical lock created using a BBA approved construction adhesive. The weatherproof controlled environment allowed accuracy in achieving the gauged brickwork and the use of fine joints, minimising brick wastage and guaranteeing a quality finish. The prefabricated lintels were stored offsite at IG’s manufacturing facility and delivered in line with the Create Homes development build schedule along with the splayed bay lintels which included circular hollow section posts.