Brick Slip Feature Lintels


Brick Slip Feature Lintels

A new addition to our brick support systems are IG’s Brick Slip Feature Lintels, where brick slips are bonded together onto an IG steel lintel. This one piece unit arrives on site with the bricks, matched to your façade, attached to the load bearing lintel. This eliminates the need for a specialist brick contractor and time-consuming hour’s onsite, cutting bricks to suit complicated structural openings.

IG’s Brick Slip Feature Lintels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, enabling the builder to achieve even the most challenging of architectural designs.

Our complete range of lintels can cater for Brick Slip Feature Lintels; whether you require a parabolic arch, flat arch, segmental arch, gothic arch or even a full circular arch (bullseye), IG’s Brick Slip Feature Lintels can be installed quickly with minimum interruption to the contractors schedule.

IG will send for a batch of the brick being used on site. This brick is then tailored to suit the clients design and fixed to IG’s galvanized and powder coated structural steel elements. This equates to an all in one unit which flows seamlessly with the already constructed brick.

Every Brick Slip Feature Lintels is manufactured bespoke to order ensuring that each individual unit is customised according to the unique size, shape and aesthetic requirements of the project.

With optional brickclad soffit, centrestone feature and insulation, the builder is able to specify each Brick Feature Lintels requirement through their local builders’ merchant and IG’s ‘FREE Arch Design Service’.

IG offers its Brick Slip Feature Lintels designed and customised to your specific needs. Pre-formed factory finished Brick Slip Feature Lintels by IG are a cost effective and less time-consuming solution to on site specialist brick contractors.Brick Slip Feature Lintels

IG Brick Slip Feature Lintels Features:
  • Precision Cut Bricks
  • Load Bearing Lintel
  • Lightweight for fast build programmes
  • Optional brick clad soffit
  • Optional centrestone feature
  • Optional Insulation
  • Various shapes available