Swift Brickwork apprentices kick-start career

IG Lintels and the wider Keystone Group steel division have joined forces with other key influencers in the construction sector to provide a day of inspiration for Swift Brickwork Contractor‘s new cohort of brickwork apprentices.

The highlight of the day was a tour of a live site managed by the prestigious Canary Wharf Group. The apprentices had the opportunity to witness first-hand the intricacies of brickwork in a real-world setting. From observing skilled craftsmen at work to understanding the importance of precision and attention to detail, the apprentices were able to gain valuable insights into the profession.

In addition to the site tour, Keystone Group companies IG Masonry Support and Keyfix also provided product demonstrations to showcase the latest advancements in brickwork technology. The apprentices were able to witness the market-leading technology and techniques used in the industry, providing them with a glimpse into the future of their trade.

To ensure the apprentices had the best start to their apprenticeship, the Keystone Group companies generously provided them with a full bag of brickwork tools. This gesture was made possible by the Group’s Keyskills Education Initiative which aims to equip brickwork apprentices with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in their training and future careers.

Dean Degun, Swift Brickwork’s Contracts Manager and the driving force behind the event, expressed his gratitude to all participants: “We were delighted to hold an inspiration day for our new cohort of apprentices at Canary Wharf Group. The event has been supported by many key influencers within the sector including Canary Wharf Group, IG Masonry Support, Keyfix, the wider Keystone Group, New City CollegeBrick Development AssociationBand of Builders, and the Association of Brickwork Contractors. We are ever so grateful for the donation of the brickwork tools from the Keystone Group for all of the apprentices.”

Andy Neal, Managing Director of IG Masonry Support who also attended the day, said: “It was a pleasure to be a part of the Apprentice Inspiration Day and we thank Swift Brickwork Contractors for including us. Witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication of these apprentices was truly inspiring. We are delighted to be able to contribute to their bright future in bricklaying by donating tools that will support their journey.”

With the support of influential stakeholders, the day, organised by Swift Brickwork Contractors, was a great success and their apprentices are well on their way to a promising future in the world of brickwork.