It is our aim to provide customers with the most advanced technical information in the industry. IG Lintels is the first lintel manufacturer to offer a Psi value calculator designed for energy assessors and architects who specify products and value engineer specifications to meet building regulations.

The key benefit of the Psi value calculator is that you can obtain a Psi value with a few clicks of a button – Free of charge. Generally this information takes a specialist company a few days to turn around with typical costs between £200 and £400 per detail. Energy assessors can now directly input the lintel Psi value into their SAP calculations and view the performance benefit. Specifically calculated Psi values will help lower the Y value within the SAP calculation, in turn assisting Part L compliance.

To ensure accuracy, all Psi-value calculations have been generated by trained thermal modellers using physical Trisco BRE software.

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