Meet the Team Christmas Edition - Caroline Meredith | IG Lintels

Caroline Meredith IG Lintels General ManagerName: Caroline Meredith

Role: General Manager

Length of Service: 27 Years


Which decoration tops your Christmas Tree? And how long is your Christmas Tree usually up for into the New Year before someone eventually takes it down?

I always top my tree with an Angel and I don’t take down it until the 12th night as its bad luck to do so before then.

Christmas Movie or Christmas Carol? And which is your favourite?

Christmas Movie – Christmas Carol with Sir Patrick Stewart.

Which Christmas trimming is your speciality? Do you have any recipe tips?

It’s not a Christmas trimming, but a traditional Christmas Cake is my specialty.

Tip – Soak the dried fruit in whiskey for a week before making the cake and then once baked wrap in greaseproof paper and tin foil, feed every week with a tablespoon of your favourite spirit, this helps make the cake lovely and moist.

Christmas presents in the morning or after dinner?

As soon as we wake up in the morning.

What is the best Secret Santa gift you have received?

Always alcohol.

Have you ever celebrated Christmas abroad? Or if you did, where would you go?

I love cooking so we always have a traditional Christmas as home.

How do you like to unwind during the festive break?

Eat, drink and be merry.

What is your favourite festive holiday memory to date?

The best memories I have of the festive holiday is taking my two sons to Margam Country Park to meet Santa and watch them feeding the Reindeer, it was a very special time.

What was your New Year’s resolution for this year? Do you have one for 2022?

No I didn’t choose a New Year resolution for this year. For 2022 I would like to spend more time with family, travel and enjoy life.